Use of the old radio station – Hasso Hering


A construction fence surrounds the ruin of the old radio station at 1207 Ninth St. SE on July 7.

The building at Oak Street and Ninth Avenue in Albany, which once housed KRKT and then other radio stations, stood empty for years. Now the dilapidated structure is about to be revived.

A construction fence has been erected around the building at 1207 Oak St. SE for the past few days, and today the demolition portion of the remodel looked set to begin.

Albany insurance agent Ron Brockman has owned the property for about seven years. He originally had the idea of ​​rebuilding it as ‘transitional accommodation’, but that fell through.

He is now ready to turn the building into an office for his company, RBI Insurance. The office was formerly located on nearby Pacific Bloulevard, then moved to temporary premises on Queen Avenue during preparations for the redevelopment.

The renovation of 1207 Ninth calls for the removal of the second floor. On the ground floor, various improvements are to be made, including new cladding, additional windows and updated insulation. Albany architect Christina Larson’s firm, Varitone, carried out the design.

Integrity Construction and Home Remodeling will do the job, Brockman told me.

Making the site usable was a challenge because there was not enough space to meet the demands of the city. The issue was resolved when City Council agreed in July 2021 to sell Brockman a slice of excess land along its Oak Street frontage for $1,897.75. This will allow an exit from the site on Oak. The entrance will be from Ninth.

The city’s building permit for the remodel puts the value of the project at $625,000. This seems to be an exaggeration. Brockman told me his budget was about half that amount. (hh)

On July 4, the building was not yet closed. Ninth Avenue, looking east, is on the right.


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