Twin Communities Radio Station Launches New App


BALLINA Killaloe Local Radio has announced the release of a new app to access the station’s content online.

Ronan Ryan, the DJ behind the new app, believes the move will allow listeners to be entertained on the go while keeping up to date on a variety of topics.

The app will be available for free on Google Play and the iTunes App Store, allowing users who download it to listen to music 24 hours a day without interruption.

It was created to include push notification features, which allow users to be notified when their favorite show or DJ is streaming live.

Apart from basic radio functions, the app will also allow listeners to view DJ profiles and learn more about them.

Listeners will also be able to create an account for the app and view the program schedule to see which shows are most appealing to them.

The live chat function will allow radio users to chat with DJs and guests, connect and express their opinions and ideas, with other users.

The radio station is available with very high quality sound for all English speakers who can access the internet on their mobile devices.

“We put a lot of thought and passion into this project. We think there is a large audience that will love it. Our radio app caters to English speakers in Ireland, Canada and other countries and also targets a wide range of users,” Ronan said.

“This app brings radio into a new era – an era that is not only available on the go, but is also fully interactive,” he said.

Recently, the station won an EU Enterprise Award for Best Irish Internet Radio Platform 2022. It received an official Internet Broadcasting License from PPL in 2017.

Over the years, the DJs have drawn listeners from all over the world, even as far away as Texas, Canada and closer to home in the UK.

The station also broadcasts on Dab Plus, which is like FM, in Dublin, Cork and Waterford and this service is expected to be available soon in Limerick, allowing people to tune in from their cars.

People can also listen to a replay of the shows on Sundays on the mixed cloud platform.

Covering all types of music including pop, disco and folk, it also has different personalities that keep listeners entertained.

DJs include Maurice Walsh on dance music, Mike Hackett on folk and trad and Bridget Kelleher on fond memories and signature tunes from both past and present, creating
an environment where listeners can tune in and indulge in a bit of wholesome nostalgia.

Ronan Maher, who plays country and Irish music, is an entertainer and longtime member of The Rakish Paddies along with his brother and cousins.

They enjoy playing Irish traditional and folk music at various venues in Ballina, Ballinahinch and Kiloscully.

On the Ballina side of the river, Mr. Maher plays multiple instruments – guitar, whistle, banjo – and is keen to share his passion for music with the world, thrilled to be able to bring a mix of old and new to listeners. .

The station works hard to stay diverse and engaging, regularly working in exciting new shows or segments.

As the online station continues to develop and grow, Mr. Maher hopes it could be the catalyst for establishing a community radio station in the years to come.

In 1987 Ballina had a community license to broadcast a particular weekend on FM.


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