Turuki straps for Omicron wave


Photo: Pixabay.

Pierre Veschaffelt

Dr Lily Fraser: Turuki prepares for the Omicron wave

South Auckland Maori healthcare provider Turuki is already supporting the self-isolation of 200 whānau through Omicron, and it expects the number to grow rapidly.

Clinical director Dr Lily Fraser says the majority are doing well at home.

She says that while it’s important to ensure whānau have enough kai and have access to medical help when they need it, the biggest challenges can be social.

“Social disruption, the need to stay home and not be able to leave the house, the ability to access the things they need and earn an income, all of those things are definitely going to be affected,” says Dr. Fraser.

Turuki is also developing contingency plans for staff who may need to self-isolate during the surge.

There were 1,947 new cases of Covid-19 reported today, bringing the total number of active cases to 10,412.


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