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“FM Broadcast Equipment”

Are you about to build an FM radio station and also wondering what to buy? This blog post is JUST FOR YOU. This is a comprehensive guide to choosing FM program equipment and FM radio equipment. Before going into detail, we want to give you a general overview of the radio broadcast devices needed to start a base station.

l FM broadcast transmitter

l FM antenna

l RF cable to connect with antenna to FM transmitter

l RF connectors

l Mixing console

l Pickups


l Distributor of helmets

l Active speaker monitors

l Microphone arm

l Then you can optionally include:

l Microphone processor

l Audio processor

l Hybrid phone interface


GSM interface

l Live light

l CD player

l Good Quality FM Receiver Tuner

lRDS encoder

FM broadcast transmitters along with FM antenna are the most essential tools you need to consider. You should find out that the three elements determine the coverage range of FM transmitters: the power of the FM transmitters, the mounted location of the antennas (i.e. height) and also the environment.

Among them, the power and also the elevation of the antennas are what we can manage. As an FM radio station should cover as much variety as possible, these two gadgets should meet your needs.

For example, if you need to build an FM radio station, here are some of the most important FM radio station equipment sets you will need: 10w, 50w and 100w transmitters. Still, if you are starting on a larger FM radio station, 200w, 500w or even 1000w and higher power transmitters will be your choices.

Regarding the height of the antennas, you should choose a setting as high as possible, with no obstacles or signal interference nearby.

You may still be wondering which is the right series of transmitters. Assuming the antenna has a clear view, the frequency is clear, and a standard (bad) high quality mobile receiver is used, regular transmit power against range numbers is allowed as follows:

Watts ERP Transmitter Power

Wattage ERP Range (miles)

1W about 1-2 (1.5-3km)

5W about 3-4 (4-5km)

15W about 6 (10km)

30W about 9 (15km)

100W about 15 (24km)

300W about 30 (45km)

Some useful tools are suggested as follows. You can add:

Computer system with automation and playlist software application.

Computer system monitor.

Program office and also furniture.

If your budget plan is sufficient, a reception desk can be added with:.

l Microphone and microphone processor.

l Microphone arm.

l Earpiece.

l Telephone.

l And an off-air manufacturing station workshop.

l Mixing console.

l Microphones.


l Distributor of helmets.

l Active speaker monitors.

l Microphone arm.

l Microphone processor.

l Audio processor.

l Telephone hybrid interface.

l Telephone.

GSM interface.

l Direct light.

l CD player.

l FM tuner Top quality receiver.

l RDS encoder.

l Computer with automation and playlist software application.

l Computer system monitor.

l Program office and furnishings.

FMUSER has been dedicated to providing FM program tools with superior quality and reasonable rates for years. A full range of FM broadcast devices and antennas as well as various other things for radio stations are offered. If you intend to purchase our FM transmitters for sale and FM radio antennas available for sale, please contact us!

I only have a limited spending plan. Is it sufficient?

The main aspect to consider in choosing the tools is the economic spending plan. The question is: do we need to buy expensive tools to have a high quality radio?

The answer is no.

By choosing equipment and provider carefully, you can develop a good quality radio station with a limited spending plan.

For a small financial radio station tool workshop set donated by FMUSER, including a 4-channel sound console (the type used for music recording), a 350w FM transmitter, an FM dipole antenna, a 30 m 1/2″ coaxial cable with adapters, an 8-way mixer, 2 screen headphones, 2 screen speakers, an audio processor, 2 microphones, 2 microphone stands, as well as 2 BOP covers, with only less than $2000.

Instead, undergoing unlimited nuances: one or more live workshops, guest location, off-air manufacturing studios, special tools for program applications, digital audio mixing game consoles of 24 or even more networks, telephone entrance crossovers, expensive Orban or Axia type processors, high-end microphones and headphones, servers for keeping media, software automation, furniture designed for radio broadcast applications, ups, transmission sites with 10kW transmitter, systems of antenna about 8 bays, motor-generator… the minimum price could start with $40,000.

If you are interested, more than two radio packages are on sale now and invite us to call us for more information.

Finally, starting from a small budget, choosing very carefully to adapt to demand. Like all points in life, what problems is the best option for you and having top-notch hardware.

We made our initiative to save you time and also money

Building a radio station or improving it is not an easy task, but it is certainly an interesting activity. By dint of also spending a lot of time and money, we have satisfied many people who have flinched.

Why not contact FMUSER for turnkey radio solutions? We provide AM transmitters from 1KW to 200KW, as well as other complete radio packages at good prices! All these offers of radio terminal equipment for sale have won the satisfaction of a large number of customers. With decades of experience as well as mature production innovation, we hope that with our help, this job will definitely be very easy.

As a high-tech company with decades of experience and lots of customer satisfaction, our commitment is to help you make the right decisions and get the best results with the budget plan you have.

If you have any concerns such as price, delivery time or specifications, you can also ask. Say what you need, WE’RE ALWAYS LISTENING.

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