RMS managers receive specialized training from the American radio station


Royal Media Services (RMS) managers conducted a 3-day training for all radio chiefs of the 13 broadcast stations owned by the media company.

The training, conducted by Voice of America (VoA), aimed to hone the managerial skills needed in the era of digital broadcasting.

In a report of Citizen televisionjournalists welcomed the move and noted that the training was useful due to the evolving nature of the broadcasting industry.

An empty studio at Citizen TV headquarters in Kilimani Nairobi.

Digital citizen

“The journalism industry keeps changing every day, so we have to keep up with the news,” a Citizen TV reporter suggested.

“We learned how to hone our craft in the broadcast industry and equip ourselves with essential management skills in the newsroom,” he added.

One of the VoA managers claimed that the skills were essential to strengthen their managerial skills and differentiate them from their competitors in the digital industry.

“The training aimed to improve their management styles and gives them the time and space to get them off the hectic broadcast stations and discuss and debate and provide a different perspective to enable them to become excellent managers.”

RMS is undoubtedly one of the leading media houses in the industry, with a broad base across the country.

The SK Macharia-owned company has 13 radio stations, including Radio Citizen, Ramogi FM, Inooro FM, Hot 96, Musyi FM, Chamgei FM, Muuga FM, Egesa FM, Bahari FM, Mulembe FM, Wimwaro FM, Sulwe FM and Vuuka. FM.

According to the latest data from the Media Council of Kenya (MCK), Citizen TV averaged 232,387 online viewers during coverage of President William Ruto’s inauguration event.

This was followed by NTV which had 67,908 – a difference of 164,479 in terms of viewership. At MCK State of the Media 2021 report, Citizen TV achieved 78% popularity among respondents, followed by KTN Home (31%) and NTV (27%) which ranked second and third respectively.

“These TV channels were mentioned as at least one of the top three most-watched TV channels by respondents,” the report read.

In the report, Radio Citizen, Radio Jambo, Kameme FM, Radio Maisha and KBC were ranked among the five most listened to radio stations in 2021, with 27%, 22%, 15%, 13% and 11% popularity respectively.

RMS, which also owns Citizen TV, boasts Inoono TV and Ramogi in its enviable portfolio.

Archive photo of a microphone in a radio station set up

Archive photo of a microphone in a radio station set up



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