National Broadcast Day: 4 benefits of tuning into a radio station


India celebrates National Broadcasting Day on July 23. The objective of this day is to sensitize the Indians to the importance of the radio. It is observed to honor the first radio broadcast, which was made on this day in 1927 from the Bombay station of the Indian Broadcasting Company. Since then, people have used the AM and FM frequencies to study new information, listen to music, and even educate themselves. There are many handy devices that replaced the radio, but for some reason the radio continued to be effective. Some people feel more comfortable connecting to it than the newer ones.

On this occasion to mark the importance of the day, we bring you 4 benefits of listening to radio stations.

1. It’s entertaining

You might enjoy listening to your favorite songs over and over or the latest music from your favorite band or artist, but you can also enjoy the disc jockeys. Many individuals organize various interesting shows; they invite famous people and talk with them. People have fun listening to the artists they like.

2. You feel relaxed

You can escape to your own world while listening to the radio, relax and just stop worrying about the world around you. Select a station that plays relaxing music that will calm you down and encourage good ideas. However, it all depends on your particular preferences, as some people find that louder music with a faster tempo makes them more comfortable.

Relieve stress

3. Helps you relieve stress

It’s impossible for you to keep your cool when stuck in traffic while moving from place to place. While listening to relaxing music can calm you down, it’s much nicer to hear your favorite artists uplift you in the middle of a busy intersection. You can call them if they have games, or you can play them yourself.

4. It’s informative

Today, the majority of news is obtained online, but what if your day is busy and you don’t have time to analyze the news in your country and around the world? In addition to the songs they play and the fun they provide, listening to the radio can be educational as they cover current affairs and educational topics.

One way to keep in touch with people around the world is to listen to the radio.

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