Nagaland: Launch of a community radio in Dimapur

Khahwang cutting the ribbon during the launch event of community radio station 90.8 Hills FM at Sente Hotel in Dimapur on Thursday.

Our reporter

Dimapur, September 8 (EMN): A community radio station called 90.8 Hills FM, initiated by a Dimapur-based NGO, was launched on Thursday at Sente Hotel, Golaghat Road, Dimapur.

Hills FM Chairman S Hukavi Zhimomi said that 90.8 Hills FM is Nagaland’s first community radio station established with the aim of educating, informing, promoting and entertaining the community.

Interestingly, Khahwang, a sixth grade student from Orphanage Home, Ganeshnagar, Faith Ministry Society, was the main guest at the inaugural event.

Zhimomi said that they chose Khahwang because he is one of the youngest members of the company and they wanted to promote him so that he can become a servant of God in the future. He said that Dimapur being a cosmopolitan city, the community radio station was established keeping in mind the diverse communities living in the city.

“It is very difficult to communicate with people to bring them together, so we have to adopt FM radio, where we can coordinate with people while maintaining their culture, traditions and customs,” he said.

Hills FM Managing Director Imali Hesso said the radio station is open to all communities and invited everyone to be part of the project.

“The radio may be very underutilized but we think it is going to have an impact on our people especially Dimapur being a commercial hub,” she said and added that this radio could actually be a very strong source of media.

Hesso said they will link their contact on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter as well as on their website. She also informed that at the initial stage, the station would broadcast for two hours a day (from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.), which would gradually increase.

She further informed that the station would broadcast in English, Nagamese (Saturday) and Hindi (Tuesday and Thursday).

Hesso said they currently cover Dimapur, Chümoukedima, Niuland and parts of Assam up to Bokajan. She said Hills FM’s vision is to be the voice of the people and bring to light current grievances in society, promote local talent and businesses, spread information and inspire the community to build a better future.

Vitono Haralu, an RJ at the station, said that community radio caters to a wide audience, so the tradition of mutual listening is something they use as USB. The idea of ​​community radio is “heart to heart and real conversation and we want to engage the community”, she said.

“We are not duplicating but expanding the horizon and creating the ecosystem where everyone can survive, thrive and do something for each other,” added Haralu.

Stating that the station’s motto is “Voice of Change”, she said the very idea of ​​community radio needs to be heard.

“We need everyone’s help to bring stories that will inspire others,” she said.

Program Director Ketho said the best programs on their air would include women empowerment, mental health awareness, disability discussion, book reviews, government program awareness, music reviews , local music, round tables and stories “by the fireside”.

In the category of “stories by fire”, he informed that any citizen can send stories through recordings or scripts.


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