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As we speak, Karen Hunter is on the move. She traverses the maze of interstate connections from “The Oranges”, where she resides, to the “Big Apple”, where she works. A former sportscaster and reporter for the New York Daily News for 16 years, Hunter served on the editorial board for four of those years, where she was a member of the 1999 Pulitzer Prize and Polk Prize-winning teams. She was also the paper’s first African-American columnist.

Nowadays, she hosts her eponymous and popular weekday radio show on Sirius XM Urban View. Named one of the “Heavy Hundred” (100 Greatest Radio Talk Show Hosts in America) by the industry bible “Talkers Magazine,” the New Jersey native has blazed a long path that includes a career as a Changemaker, Influencer, Teacher and New York Times Bestselling Author.

But, like any multitasking commuter, Hunter uses that extra time in the day to manage his life.

“I’ve been in the headquarters of a lot of fake celebrities, people who are fabricated and others that I help to fabricate,” Hunter explained. “The role you play in the media being able to tell other people’s stories and give them a platform that they normally wouldn’t have – I’ve done that many times and I sit down and I say, “I know the truth; these things I will take to my grave.

“But the world only sees the wrong things right now. Whether it’s the man in the White House, who is ill-equipped for the job, or a number of people who are in places where they shouldn’t be where they are, but who are there simply because someone told a story about them that people believed. So, for me, that’s one of the most important things – we have to not only control our narrative, but start telling the truth. The truth must count.

Hunter, who has hidden behind a signature or a microphone throughout her career, says now is the time to step out of the shadows. “The Karen Hunter Show is not a talk show, it’s an action show,” the host explained.

“What I’m realizing more and more is that personal connection and the ability to feel and touch people is important, it’s the glue that holds it together for people. So let’s take the show on the road with a voter registration campaign. I go out with a purpose… I have my foot on the accelerator.

After the Charleston 9 massacre in June 2015, Hunter authored a petition calling for the removal of the Confederate flag from the South Carolina state house. According to a statement, in three days, more than 500,000 people signed the petition. Within a week, Governor Nikki Haley swore to remove the flag, and the flag fell.

“No one voluntarily becomes an activist,” Hunter said. “I’m always tired of people saying they’re activists. Things happen in the moment. Like the flag thing. I was so distraught after those nine people were murdered in the church. I couldn’t understand. I used to go to church and study the Bible, and of course we have people on Wednesday nights, so wasting my life behind hate?”

The New York Times praised the power of Hunter’s show in an article that noted, “On the afternoon of the day after the massacre, people in the governor’s office took notice. Around noon, Ms. Hunter, a radio host whose once-obscure Sirius XM Radio show was transformed by her outspokenness about the killing of young black men by white police officers, posted her petition online. In one day, his host, Moveon.orga liberal advocacy group, told him he was getting 5,000 signatures an hour.

Hunter would go on to use the power of his show to create “The Party of Lincoln” app (available on iTunes), a non-partisan resource guide, where citizens can register to vote, change party affiliation , get candidate information and facts. verify political claims.

“My listeners and I are on track to make change, one moment at a time,” Hunter said in a statement. “We took down the Confederate flag, now we will diversify the electorate with a major voter registration drive beginning in early 2018. I value my platform and know that change will only happen through truth, information and voting. Every election matters, from grassroots, local politics to the national stage. »

“The Karen Hunter Show” airs live on Sirius XM Channel 126, Urban View, five days a week, 3-6 p.m. For more information on the upcoming event, visit


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