Local high school launches radio station for students

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In recent months, St Mary’s College has announced the launch of its student radio station.

The intention of this initiative is that students can afford to be heard, be creative and have the opportunity to grow and experience a different activity. This can not only benefit them and their high school career, but has the potential to help their future eventually.

We spoke with Véronique Mandal, she is the Journalism and Media Convergence Program Coordinator at St Clair College, Windsor, Ontario. She believes that a high school radio show is a great springboard for future journalists and broadcasters.

“It’s such a positive thing to see on a college application, especially if you’re going into one of the media-related programs,” Mandal said. “It not only means you have skills in that regard, but it also means you are serious about what you do and have started to prepare for what you hope your future career will be.”

Not only is radio a good experience for a student’s future, but it also gives them the chance to explore their creativity and develop their voice by delivering messages that resonate with them, as well as their audience.

SaultOnline also had the opportunity to speak with Mario Rochettathe teacher in charge of SMC radio and he explained why he thinks it is an important experience and how working with the radio station has an impact on the students.

“It gives our students a unique opportunity to make their voices heard. Whether they’re broadcasting tunes on the radio or hosting talk shows, students are at the center of creating content and sharing it with our school community and the global community as well. said Rochetta.

“What’s been especially cool about SMC radio is seeing the real impact it’s had on our student life here at St. Mary’s. It has become a grassroots initiative that has really taken off thanks to the support of our administration, Ms. Hannah, Ms. Palumbo and Mr. Czop, as well as the hard work and commitment of the students.

At the oldest radio station in the province where they broadcast from Kingston, 91.9 The Cave, general manager Fraser Ross also noted that the experience gained in the program can be great if the student tries to build a career path. When they work on the high school radio station there, it can be heard all over town and they earn credits towards graduation.

“So you could earn up to eight credits. And these credits can be artistic credits. It can be communication technology credits, English credits, like your standard level, Grade 11, English (and) Media English,” Ross said. “Then there are the music credits, [and] we can also offer you a professional loan. And a good thing is that because we are an incorporated company, we can also serve as a cooperative for children who are looking for cooperative opportunities. »

If you are interested in becoming a member of the SMC radio crew or if you are going to attend SMC in the fall and think you might be interested, you can contact the Huron Superior Catholic School Board for more information.

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