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For the third time in five years, Illinois State University student radio station WZND received the Signature Station award.

We are the only school to win [Signature Station] three times and the only school to win it consecutively“, WZND Faculty Advisor Steve Susays ess. So we’re going to make it the only school to do it four times next year.

The Signature Station Award is an international prize awarded by Broadcast Education Association at student-run student radio stations.

Eevery time we won [Signature Station], it made it super special because there are people who don’t get recognized all the time time, andHey are able to have the spotlight on them for a little while. So it’s exciting because it is an entire station award,said Suess.

The sheer, you know, the magnitude of it is a big problem. BBeing the best college radio station in the world is a pretty cool thing and even cooler when you can do it multiple times,“Suess continued.

After winning Signature Station for the third time in five years, Illinois State University’s WZND radio hosted a banner Friday to celebrate the award.

WZND communicationmoved winning the Station Signature 2022 award dropping a banner in fell hall Friday alongside its two other Signature Station price banners.

[Winning Signature Station is] super cool i mean the WZND team did a lot of work so it’s amazing that this work is verified by someone else“, said fifth-year student Roxy Brown.

The School of Communication’s executive director, Stephen Hunt, said the radio station has come a long way.

“Which always amazed me, and I came here in 1998, I was not a radio coming from communications, so to see this operation to see what is happening there in the family environment which is really there“, said Hunt. “EWhenever we bring prospective students there, they are always amazed by the welcome they receive at WZND.

Many members of the WZND team have contributed to its success through team work and the family atmosphere of the resort.

We communicate extremely well with each other and are there for each other all the time. Whenever someone needs help, wwe are always here to choose each other. If someone is having trouble working, anyone can jump in, and help is ready to help,“said WZND chief executive Madeline Moore.

Journalism major Leo Staudacher said it was great to be recognized for the radio station’s hard work.

It just shows what we are all capable of together. Difficult circumstances with COVID and all, but we were still able to get in and do some really cool things we were known for“, Staudcher mentioned. And it’s kind of rewarding to be recognized for all that work because there were times, especially with the pandemic, where it wasn’t so easy.


Steve Suesseducational advisor WZND

Win the 2022 Signature The station was particularly gratifying for WZND due to the challenges it has had to overcome during the COVID-19 pandemic at continue to produce his show.

“There were a lot of college radio stations over the last year saying, ‘Hey, there’s nothing we can do. [because of COVID-19].’ They basically just closed. Maybe they just played music and nothing else, nobody talks on airnoto DJnotoh nothing,said Suess.

“And the fact that we were able to not only continue operations but doing unique projects and cool things that wouldn’t have been done if we had been complacent and kind of fought back to try to be able to do certain things at the radio station,“Suess continued.

JThroughout the pandemic, WZND continued to run the station by recording segments at homeworking virtually, Following precautions and find safe ways to work in studios in small groups.

“We are extremely proud of all the hard work we have put in, and knowing that this hard work is being recognized is extremely gratifying.“, monthohsaid again.

“Aafter our year with COVID, where we were completely online and had to completely change our format to an online format and do all our work online, which was extremely difficult. JhThe fact that we were able to overcome this and still win Signature Station is amazing,“Moore continued.

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