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Humboldt 101 (, Humboldt County’s first Internet-only radio station, is about to enter its 20th year of streaming from its studios in Eureka.

The station, operated continuously by Ken Conlin, began as an experiment to provide desk listening to his advertising agency on May 4, 2002. Conlin, whose background is in broadcasting, created Humboldt 101 through the first iteration of Live 365 online radio. network. The platform allowed users to create their own radio station and publish it on the web. Conlin created his music mix for Humboldt 101 based on an easy-listening radio music format he created for KCRE-AM in Crescent City.

“The format is based on the mainstays of the format: Ray Conniff, Bert Kaempfert and Percy Faith,” Conlin said. “I got to know hundreds of people around the world through my involvement in the internet radio community.”

Conlin also found creating his stream on the Mac platform to be unique. As a result, it was able to “beta test” delivery systems designed to deliver content to Macs, while PC delivery remained predominant for online streaming. Conlin continues to use MegaSeg Pro and the latest versions of multimedia encoders which were in the testing phase before becoming consumer products. Its proliferating method of live streaming still originates from a Mac. The Humboldt 101 feed is now accessible through hundreds of online directories and site aggregators. The station still uses many original voice artists who present the station’s sound image.

Shortly after its success on the Live 365 site, Humboldt 101 was picked up by Apple’s iTunes Radio and found a wider listener base. During its experimental streaming phase in the mid-2000s, Conlin discovered that its music format, based on American standards and beautiful music, was beginning to be noticed by a wider, younger audience who weren’t not familiar with music before.

Conlin and his stream presence have also participated in a variety of internet broadcast forums aimed at improving recreational and commercial webcasts. He was a pioneer in employing a remote host for station programs. Regular live streaming from Toronto, which used a parallel broadcast system, proved popular in the 2010s, including remote interviews with guests and listeners. Special syndicated programs followed. Conlin’s own “Saturday Night Music Party” is hosted live with listener interaction via the stream’s website.

More recently, Humboldt 101 used the services of Abovecast, now a subsidiary of the new SoundStack, as a stream distribution catalyst. As Humboldt 101 entered its 20th year, Conlin commissioned Dallas jingle company TM Studios to re-sing a signature jingle package for Humboldt 101.

Current lineup and listening links for Humboldt 101 can be found at


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