Doctors share indigenous knowledge across the Pacific


Tuwhenuaroa Natanahira

Janell Dymus-Kurei – Hapai Attends Indigenous Hauora Hui in Canada

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A Maori public health official is keen to report what she learns from a hui of indigenous doctors.

Maori public health and welfare leader Hapai Te Hauora is in Vancouver, Canada for the 2022 Pacific Region Indigenous Physicians Conference.

Hapai chief executive Janell Dymus-Kurei said the conference is for Indigenous doctors and medical professionals around the world to share their research and connect.

Ms. Dymus-Kurei says this year’s gathering covers medical health, youth health, traditional health, and pre and postnatal health.

She says it’s a chance to bring home valuable knowledge from our native whanau around the world.

“The beauty of this is that there is so much indigenous knowledge to share and the challenge here, especially for our doctors, is how do we occupy these white spaces while continuing to indigenize our own spaces as well,” says Ms. Dymus-Kurei.

Janell Dymus-Kurei says Hapai Te Houora will present some of her findings on fetal alcohol syndrome.


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