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The muscular system presents marked changes. The muscles under

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of fecal matter. In acute intestinal catarrh diarrhoea is the rule but the

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When the obstruction is situated in the lower part of the colon and

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of infants occur from the diarrhoea in October. October is not a hot

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the relative value of modes of treatment in this disease. Various thera

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escape of gas ceases the tube and cylinder are almost filled with

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itfelf is often wounded by a weapon and the inteftines

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pressure sustained from the teeth. At first the surface is punctated and

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portion of the mucous membrane which covers this scirrhus is sometimes

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much so as selenitic waters which contain an excess of sulphate of lime.

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Royal Academy of Medicine in its support. His arguments were spe

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liclcs and their vicinity from tuberculous deposit. The newly fonned

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mild or severe are most generally seated in the caecum and colon but

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fometimes to reft but exercife himfelf frequently for

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always afford the evidence of obstruction which one would expect. Can

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are not likely to Ije confounded with the single splashing sound produced

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mortified tissues. Finally the eschar on the exterior of the swollen

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visited by malaria but used by Kiticnts attacked with chronic dysentery

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they may be mistaken for either simple or parasitic stomatitis. The diag

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tackground of these febrile manifestations in children thei e is often an

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kills or cures. Any other method fcarcely ever refton

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useful in spasms and nervous excitement. Potassium hydroxide is a

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swelling of the vulva and a sanguinolent discharge therefrom. The

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ening.of the costo cartilaginous junctures with or without periosteal

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fore stops all further action of the gastric juice. Fats containing free

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The blood is the fluid that circulates through the heart arteries

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problems there are others the solution of which is dependent upon the



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