produced in the intestine. The function of the muscular coat is frequently
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change in color is produced by lactic acid in somewhat less dilute solution
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They may not in themselves be highly nutritious but tney contain at least
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rheumatoid arthritis. An affection of the shoulder frequently occurs
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of an infected individual to prepare bacteria for phagocytosis com
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cases which have healed without surgical interference others in which
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fourth a syphilitic child dying in one mouth the fifth in a syphilitic
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which probably induced Linnaeus to term dysentery scabies intestinorum
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the humeral artery. In addition to those named the right axillary
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of literary men and those who read or write for many hours prevention
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gestion and enlargement of tlie overloaded liver result with their many
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Supplies oxygen to the blood and excretes carbon dioxide solids
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blood vessels which carry the osteoblasts bone producing cells
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ical difficulty of securing direct transit tlirough the stomach to the intes
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without sugar. Glycerin may be used instead of sugar if desired. J
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As we have seen that the pathology the stages and the general course
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ibre. Fibro plasttc matter is found througliout tlie organ in large
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fatty. Abscess of the liver is a very rare result of chronic intestinal
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Name the three principal salivary glands and the duct or ducts of each.
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times when the blow has been violent tho nothing be
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Classify milk from the stand point of its number of harmless bacteria.
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ger and keep it there till the mouth be opened again
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Infectious anaemia is a specific infectious disease of the horse
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under such circumstances in fact all the cruelties of man s inhumanity
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