uniavorable will be the prognosis. Discouraging symptoms are an

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What preparations of arsenic are most used in veterinary medicine

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The existence of this form of infection syphilis by conception has

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from valvular diseases of the heart emphysema of tlie lungs or cirrhosis

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teric artery causing a thrombus and emboli to form. The latter being

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Cold water rectal irrigation has a sedative and astringent influence and

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Metrotomy refers to the incising of the uterus. Metrectomy is

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into the bowel. These foreign substances if not promptly removed set

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pressure and muscular sense are conveyed to the cerebrum. The

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and evening and one grain of iodide of potassium with ten minims of

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as possible on the nature and causes of the disease and secondly the

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gether peculiar and characteristic and involve the absence of succulent

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articular surfaces formmg part of them immovable and conserving

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artery in the submucous coat. Probably in all similar cases the hemor

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exercise impair functional activity in the intestines as elsewhere. Sexual

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Curling was the first to call attention to the fact that extensive burns

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sufficient nutriment of some kind or other can be ingested to sustain the

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This method is very fuccefsful not only when the inte

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In estimating the prognosis one should bear in mind the poesibili

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apt to be the case with dyspeptics. Men who toil with their brain

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tracted suppuration cause amyloid degeneration of the liver kidneys

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ance of this condition in bovines. In the equine the voluminous

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above C when it unites with the oxygen to form the red oxide.

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