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only pradlicable in children and in a moderate degree
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and escapes through the foramen lacerum to be distributed to the
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that have been assigned as exercising a causative agency as exposure to
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perspiring freely or by sponging it with tepid water hourly if dry and
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Membranous casts from the upper part of the digestive track are in
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Define chemical action. Name three kinds and give an example of
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the umbilicus after eating bismuth given on an empty stomach in full
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amount of plumpness which might be thought to be inconsistent with a
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impairment or i estraiut of the muscular movements of the stomach may
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Treatment Mild cases if treated early respond to the internal
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ment cure expands the thorax and abdomen hastens the circulation and
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to produce an extension of the limb and secure for that mem
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similar cessation of vomiting sometimes occurs in dilatation of the stomach
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It is used to check abnormal secretion in ptyalism acute catarrhal
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after a little practice he generally succeeds in introducing the tube with
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Dyspnoea on slight exertion may be present in gastric cancer as a result
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bronchitis and heaves. By inhalation burning on hot coals it is
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potassium iodide internally. Thyroid extract internally is reputed



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